March in Galveston

Bloom of Spring

March 2024 Cruises from Galveston

Springtime Festivities and Coastal Adventures. March in Galveston, Texas, is a time of rejuvenation and celebration as the coastal city awakens with the arrival of spring. This month offers a perfect blend of pleasant weather, lively events, and the natural beauty of the Gulf, making it an ideal time to set sail on a Western Caribbean cruise.

Galveston Island Spring Break

Sun, Sand, and Surf. March brings Spring Breakers to Galveston, transforming the city into a lively destination full of energy and excitement. The beaches become vibrant playgrounds with a variety of water sports, beach parties, and live entertainment. It’s a time when the city’s youthful spirit is on full display.

The Galveston Food and Wine Festival

A Culinary Celebration. Foodies will revel in the Galveston Food and Wine Festival, a gastronomic event that showcases the best of local and international cuisine. Enjoy wine tastings, gourmet food, cooking demonstrations, and meet-and-greets with renowned chefs. This festival is a true delight for the senses.


A Birdwatcher’s Paradise. March is also the time for FeatherFest, Galveston’s premier birding and nature photography festival. Bird enthusiasts can participate in guided birding tours, photography workshops, and nature field trips. Galveston’s diverse ecosystems make it a prime location for spotting a wide variety of bird species.

Historic Home Tours

Exploring Galveston’s Architectural Gems. Take a step back in time with the Galveston Historic Homes Tour. This event allows visitors to explore some of the island’s most beautiful and historically significant homes. It’s a unique opportunity to appreciate the architectural elegance and heritage of Galveston.

The Grand Kids Festival

Family Fun in a Cultural Setting. March in Galveston is also family-friendly, highlighted by the Grand Kids Festival. This event, nestled in the city’s cultural arts district, offers a range of activities, performances, and art workshops for children. It’s a celebration of creativity and family fun in a vibrant setting.

St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations

St. Patrick’s Day. Galveston embraces the luck of the Irish with lively parades, green-themed events, and spirited gatherings. It’s a day filled with joy, dance, and community spirit, celebrating Irish culture and heritage in true Galveston style.

March in Galveston is a month filled with diverse experiences, from the excitement of Spring Break to the cultural richness of local festivals. It’s a time when Galveston Island unique charm and lively spirit provide the perfect preamble to an enchanting Western Caribbean cruise adventure.